a Growing Business Park Located by the Highway 8

OLLINMÄKI BUSINESS PARK – a New Place of Business for Your Company?

The fastest growing business park in the region, Ollinmäki, is located by the Highway 8 within a couple of minutes’ drive from Pyhäjoki Central (1,5 km) and ten minutes (8 km) from Hanhikivi Peninsula.

Twenty companies have offices and facilities in Ollinmäki. Currently those companies employ over a hundred people. Ollinmäki has several lot sizes and types for different business sectors- services, retail, project accommodation and industry.

During 2012 and 2016, the infrastructure has been expanded with two separate projects. The total area of Ollinmäki is about 65 hectares with 55 business lots.

In the upcoming years, Ollinmäki will face a fast growth. A new site for retail stores is under zoning and the traffic arrangements in the southern intersection will be improved.

Be on time and start your business in Ollinmäki!