International Yard Games Nights continue throughout the summer!

Welcome to Pyhäjoki! Project organizes together with several other actors family-friendly international Yard Games Nights every other week on Tuesday evenings. There is no need to register to the events and even some free refreshments are available. There are also always Language Support volunteers present to ease the communications when needed. Weather permitting!

There are still some International Yard Games Nights coming up:

14.7. at 18-20 in Ylimattila Arboretom (Ylimattilantie 9). Co-organizers: Parhalahti Gardening Association, Parhalahti Village Association and Parhalahti Hunging Club. You can also bring your own picknick blanket, if you want!

28.7. at 18-20 Merimaja Dance Pavillion (Rannanmäentie 70). Co-organizers: Yppäri Village Association and other actors from Yppäri.

11.8. at 18-20 Kielosaari Sports Park (Ruukintie 37). Co-organizers: Pyhäjoki Municipal Leisure Services and other actors.

You are warmly welcome!