Pyhäjoki Bike-orienteering Challenge 2020

Pyhäjoki Bike-orienteering Challenge 2020 is on between 3.6.2020 and 31.8.2020. Bikers of all ages living or visiting Pyhäjoki can participate.

In four areas around Pyhäjoki there are a total of 30 bike-orienteering checkpoints, each of which has a letter or letters. The letters of one area form a word. The words of all four areas form a sentence.

When needed, use Municipality´s Google Map on recreational sites to help you find the checkpoints. There is time to bike until the end of August. Prizes will be raffled both by area and for the whole of Pyhäjoki challenge.

You can print yourself a bike-orienteering passport from here or get a printed version from the Municipal Hall´s info-desk or from the closet-library in front of the Municipal Hall. You´ll find more instructions from the passport!

Enjoy biking in Pyhäjoki!

Further information: tervetuloa(at)

PS. You can best participate the raffles by filling in the online form (the address is in the passport). If this is not possible for you, then put your passport paper into an envelope with your name and contact details and send or bring it to Municipal Hall (Kuntatie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki) before the end of August. Please mark “Welcome to Pyhäjoki!” to the envelope.

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