Pyhäjoki Touring Tales 2021 (14.6.-31.8.2021)

The new Pyhäjoki recreational routes have raised a lot of interest. They also include many stories. Find out more about them by participating in the Pyhäjoki Touring Tales event and take part to the raffle of prizes at the end of the summer!

How does this event work?

Familiarize yourself with the Get active in Pyhäjoki destinations & routes map and get yourself a Pyhäjoki Touring Tales passport to know, which routes are included in the event. You´ll find both the maps and the passports from Municipality´s info stands. The passport can also be downloaded and printed from this page (below).

Each route included to the event has one A3-sized story board placed along the route. It is coded with the color and name of the route, in some easy-access and visible place along the route. The board has a local story or a little piece of local history written in it in Finnish and in English.

Each of the stories has one key word marked in red. Write the word and the route down to your Touring Tales passport. The more the keywords you find, the better the prizes you can win at the end of the summer! There are three different categories: 2-4 stories, 5-9 stories and over 10 stories.

Note! Do remember that not all routes are yet 100% ready, and not all routes are at all places suitable for regular bikes. We have tried to mark these routes with unfinished (*) or fatbike recommended (**) star codes. Not all routes are included to this event.

You can submit your answers either on paper (see further instructions in the Touring Tales passport) or electronically in

Enjoy biking in Pyhäjoki!