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Preventive Activities

Leisure Activity Office's one working form is preventive enlightening work, which is directed especially at students in grades 6.-9. All of the events and functions organized by the municipality are smokeless and drug-free.

Examples of our preventive enlightenment work are:

  • 6th grader's drug informing classes
  • Preventive informing days for 7-9th graders
  • Parents' evenings

Smokeless Municipality

Pyhäjoki has pledged to comply with the Savuton Kunta principle since the beginning of 2014. The change to smokeless in our working culture is important. The operational program includes in accordance to the smoking law's 2§ all smoking products, like cigarettes and snuff.

The smokeless criteria concern official spaces of the Municipality of Pyhäjoki and are seen in our activities for example:

  • Smoking is banned in spaces and outdoor areas owned by the municipality.
  • Smoking bans are marked clearly with signs, stickers and posters.
  • The smoking spots in children's and youth's exercise spaces and areas have been removed.
  • Smoking spots possibly used by adults have been moved to be less visible.

The Leisure Activity Office has challenged the youth- and exercise workers who work in the municipality to implementing the smokeless working culture.

Pyhäjoki Fire Station and Pyhäjoen Wirta have engaged in these activities so far.