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Welcome to Pyhäjoki! Project

Welcome to Pyhäjoki!

This project aims to enhance employability, competencies and social inclusion. It has received funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) for the years 2019-2022. The funding authority is the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of North Ostrobothnia.

Thousands of people will be working in Pyhäjoki during the following years. International workers from approximately 30 different countries are also included. Part of these workers will move to the municipality with their families and some will stay as permanent residents and workers. One possible challenge is the unemployment of the spouses and the integration of the families as part of the local community.

The activities of the project promote inclusion and interaction between those moving to the municipality and to the country, the third sector and the local people. The project cooperates widely with the communities, associations and businesses acting in the municipality and a new kind of partnership network is created with them to support good integration. Additionally, possibilities for tandem language learning, local guide and buddy activities will be created and initiated.

In practice the project organizes events, training and field trips, provides personal and group counselling and develops shared practices to facilitate two-way integration and good relations between population groups. The project has two workers.

Contact information

A shared email for both project workers: tervetuloa [at] pyhajoki.fi

Project Manager Katinka Käyhkö katinka.kayhko(a)pyhajoki.fi, 040 3596012

Project Coordinator Tanja Ryymin tanja.ryymin(a)pyhajoki.fi, 040 3596198

Visiting address: Kuntatie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki (1 krs)

Project´s Facebook page: @TervetuloaPyhajoelle  

Project on Twitter: @pyhajoelle


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