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Senior Pass

Pyhäjoki cheers for seniors to exercise. Resident's own Senior Pass' for 63 and over and Raahe Kuntokeidas Vesipekka Senior Pass for 65 and over. All Senior Pass' are valid for one year from the day of purchase.

Pyhäjoki Senior Pass for 63+

  • Gym 15 € / year
  • Gym + Hole in the Ice 17 € / year
  • Valid for one year
  • Additionally a claimable pass token for a 10 € deposit

Senior Pass, token and Hole in the Ice's locker room key available at the town hall information desk during business days at times 9-11 and 12-15. Prepare your identification. The Hole in the Ice's key can be retrieved from the information desk by showing the Senior Pass.

Broad Senior Pass meaning Raahen Kuntokeidas Vesipekka Senior Pass for 65+

  • Swimming hall and gym 31 € / year + pass bracelet 10 €, to which the use right is loaded. (Norm. 70 € + 10 €)
  • Purchasable only from Vesipekka ticket sale.
  • Purchase right is proven with a pension card / a permanent pension ruling and identification.
  • Valid for one year from the day of purchase.
  • More specific instructions from Kuntokeidas Vesipekka sites.
  • Broad Senior Pass includes Pyhäjoki's Senior Pass services.

Senior Pass use times in Vesipekka

  • Mon and Wed at times 6:00-16:00
  • Tue, Thu ja Fri at times 8:00-16:00

Water Aerobics for an additional 2 €

  • Mon ja Wed at 6:30
  • Fri at 14:30

Pass Token for the Multipurpose Sports Centre

A person who has reserved a section shift or a user of the gym claims the Multipurpose Sports Centre's Electric Pass Token for passage surveillance from the town hall information desk for a 10 € deposit. Please, remember to return the used token.

The Multipurpose Sports Centre's electric passage surveillance and cash register functions have been centralized to the town hall's information desk and to the Leisure Activity Office.
Town Hall Information Desk open during business days at times 9-11 and 12-15
During other times, please contact the Leisure Activity Office's Leisure Activity Director or Exercise Instructor. Calls and messages are answered during duty time.


Also read more information on the use of the Multipurpose Sports Centre and Gym as well as the senior' gym shift.

Contact Information

Multipurpose Sports Centre's Reservation Calendar

Kuntokeidas Vesipekka

Town Hall Information Desk
Tel. +358 40 359 6000
info [at] pyhajoki.fi

Leisure Activity Director
vapaa-aikatoimi [at] pyhajoki.fi
Tel. +358 40 359 6104

Exercise Instructor
Tel. +358 40 359 6107

Tel. +358 40 359 6004

Estate Maintenance
Tel. +358 40 359 6055