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General upper secondary education

After comprehensive school, students enter upper secondary institutes. Upper secondary institutes include upper secondary school and vocational institutes. The studies provide all-round education, and prepare the students for further education in polytechnics or at universities. Pyhäjoki upper secondary school emphasises an independent and self-motivated approach. In the subject content, entrepreneurship and media competencies are in focus. Students in upper secondary education organise an annual Pyhäjoki Fair and publish the weekly paper Kuulumiset.

Upper secondary education is free, including school lunches. Students have to obtain most of the school books and other materials themselves.

More information: Head of School, +358 40 3596101, tauno.rajaniemi [at] edu.pyhajoki.fi (tauno[dot]rajaniemi[at]edu[dot]pyhajoki[dot]fi) (Finnish, Swedish, English).

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Photograph of Schoolbuilding.

Koulutie 8, 86100 Pyhäjoki,
040 359 6160 (office),
040 359 6161 (principal)