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Associations and Organizations

Pyhäjoki cooperates with associations and organizations and shares annual financial aids and supports companies' development. Networking is power!

Pyhäjoki Leisure Activity Office shares annual exercise and youth activity aids as well as athlete's financial aids, which can be applied for annually by the end of April. Additional information and application forms can be found from the Financial Aids -menu.

Into the sidebar has been collected links that are useful for associations and organizations for supporting their development and applying for other financial aids. The Leisure Activity Director works as the association contact and Welcome to Pyhäjoki! -project's worker can be met every Wednesday at 9:30-12 at the town hall, 1st floor. Come and visit if you need, for example, information about the municipality's services and possibilities for exercising hobbies as well as association relevant matters.

Pyhäjoki Association Apartment

The Association Apartment maintained by the municipality can be reserved by all clubs, associations and organizations. The Apartment is located near the town center at the address Vanhatie 80 C 3. The reservation can be made as a registered user of the Julius-reservation system. Queries about the Apartment or its reservation from the Leisure Activity Director Tel. +358 40 359 6104

The keys for the apartment can be retrieved from the Pyhäjoki Municipality Information Desk or Leisure Services Office.

  • Rent 4 € / h
  • Maximum Rent for a Day 20 € / day
  • Calendar Years Rent Maximum 150 €

Associations and Organizations in Pyhäjoki

Pensioner Union Pyhäjoki association

LC Pyhäjoki-Merijärvi

Liminkakylä Village Committee

Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliiton Pyhäjoen yhdistys ry
Kaisa Salmivuori-Väänänen (Chairman) Tel. +358 40 086 7831
FB: MLL's Pyhäjoki Association

Merimaja's Renting
Hannu Anttila ( YppU Chairman) Tel. +358 40 058 6441
FB: Yppäri Merimaja
merimaja.yppu [at] gmail.com (merimaja[dot]yppu[at]gmail[dot]com)

Operation Ruut

Parhalahti Village Association
toni.kippola [at] rautalantila.fi (Toni Kippola) (Chairman) Tel. +358 44 596 3054
kauko.kittila [at] kotinet.com (Kauko Kittilä) (Secretary) Tel. +358 40 079 7215

Parhalahti Hunters
Antti Paavola (Chairman) Tel. +358 44 567 0020
maurikvirkkunen [at] gmail.com (Mauri Virkkunen) (Secretary) Tel. +358 40 183 0951

Parhalahti Gardening Association


Jenny Maijala (Chairman) Tel. +35845 6782720
j.maijala02 [at] gmail.com (j[dot]maijala02[at]gmail[dot]com)
Eva Maijala (Secretary) Tel. +358 503621410
evamaijala [at] gmail.com (evamaijala[at]gmail[dot]com)

Scout Troop Hanhikiven Kiertäjät

Pirttikoski Village Association
kari.kivimaki [at] kotinet.com (Kari Kivimäki) (Chairman) Tel. +358 40 018 1785
Tiina Tiirola (Secretary) Tel. +358 40 8317 829

Pirttikoski Countryside Women
Tarja Oravisjärvi Tel. +358 40 587 6723

Pirttikoski Hunting Association

Pro Hanhikivi

Pyhäjoki 4H-Association

Pyhäjoki frisbee -Association
Jukka-Pekka Hietala (Chairman)
Tel. +358 44 303 4244
pyhajoenfrisbeegolf [at] gmail.com (pyhajoenfrisbeegolf[at]gmail[dot]com)

Pyhäjoki Joki-Kiekko ry
kati.ukonsaari [at] jokikiekko.net (Kati Ukonsaari) (Chairman) Tel. +358 50 523 3068

Pyhäjoen Fisher Association / Rod Fishing Section
Petteri Leppälä Tel. +358 40 058 9494
Fishing Permits: www.kalakortti.com
Instructions for getting the fishing permits electrically (in Finnish)
Visit Pyhäjoki / Fishing

Pyhäjoen Homestead Association
paivi.pyhaluoto [at] gmail.com (Päivi Pyhäluoto) (Chairman) Tel. +358 40 705 1582

Pyhäjoki Martat 

Pyhäjoki Maritime Rescue Association
Tel. +358 40 038 3858
pyhajoki [at] messi.meripelastus.fi (pyhajoki[at]messi[dot]meripelastus[dot]fi)

Pyhäjoki Hunting Association
raino.peltoniemi [at] kotinet.com (Raino Peltoniemi) (Chairman) Tel. +358 40 038 3858

Pyhäjoki Actors

Pyhäjoki Pauhu
Veli Nevala (Chairman) Tel. +358 45 632 1097

Pyhäjoki Hunting Association Tarmo
Ilkka Seppälä (Chairman) Tel. +358 400 280 506

Pyhäjoki Wirta

Pyhäjoki Entrepreneurs

Pyhäjoki MC ry
Olli Peltoniemi (Chairman) Tel. +358 40 844 3225
Antero Suni (Secretary) Tel. +358 40 557 8590
Motor Workshop Activity

Raahe Region's Carers and Close Relatives
Aarne Eskola (Chairman) Tel. +358 40 552 3331

Rannikon Venäjä-seura ry
juliapeltoniemi [at] gmail.com (Julia Peltoniemi) (Chairman) Tel. +358 50 565 0295
FB: Coast's Russia-Association

Finnishn Red Cross - Pyhäjoki Section

Yppäri Wilderness Men
Ari Pirkola (Chairman) Tel. +358 400 283 579
Mika Haikola (Secretary) Tel. +358 40 743 5937

Yppäri Village Association
a.vuoti33 [at] gmail.com (Anne Vuoti) (Secretary) Tel. +358 50 382 4139

Yppäri Agriculture and Household Women

Yppäri Athletes / Yppäri Merimaja Renting
Mikko Koskela (Chairman) Tel. +358 40 7337 6951
FB: Yppäri Athletes
FB: Yppäri Merimaja
merimaja.yppu [at] gmail.com (merimaja[dot]yppu[at]gmail[dot]com)


Contact Information

Pyhäjoki Association Apartment
Vanhatie 80 C 3
86100 Pyhäjoki

Julius-Reservation System

Association Contacts
vapaa-aikatoimi [at] pyhajoki.fi (Leisure Activity Director)
Tel. +358 40 359 6104

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