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Basic education

Basic education

All children permanently residing in Finland are subject to compulsory education, and the municipality organises basic education for local children. Basic education starts in the year in which the child turns seven. Compulsory education ends when the syllabus for basic education is completed or, at latest, 10 years after the start of compulsory education.

Basic education is free of cost.

In Pyhäjoki, basic education for grades 0–9 is given at Saari school. One village schoolprovide education for grades 0–6. (Grade 0 means pre-primary education.)

More information: Head of Local Education and Culture Department, tel. +358 40 3596 101, antero.tervonen [at] pyhajoki.fi (antero[dot]tervonen[at]pyhajoki[dot]fi) (Finnish, Swedish, English).

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