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Art Lending

Do you want to enjoy art on your home wall for free?

The library lends art pieces. The lending can be done with a library card and it's free. The pieces are only lendable in Pyhäjoki's Main Library and they can not be reserved. The pieces are owned by the Municipality of Pyhäjoki, they are only lendable and can not be purchased or claimed for oneself.

The lending time is three months. The lending can be renewed five times.

A list of the lendable pieces can be found in the web library and as a paper version from the library.

A broken or missing art piece is replaced by the client with the acquisition price (minus the time's wear and else).

The Pyhäjoki Art Lending was founded by the Culture Office and Library 30.8.2011, and it was at the time of founding Finland's first Municipal Art Lending.