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Lisää Liikettä -Project

Lisää Liikettä -project develops the exercise of under school-age children, adults and the elderly.

With the project, we also implemented the Liikuntalähete-experiment together with Pyhäjoki Health Center and RAS as a pilot. The goal was to encourage those who don't exercise much with individual physical control into healthy lifestyles.



Pyhäjoki Municipality's camping routes

The Municipality Board has established camping routes' development-, construction- and maintenance planning group. The group's task is to plan and implement a camping route together with the residents and the municipality's associations so that outdoor exercise possibilities could be made as diverse, high-quality and easy to use by people.

The board has granted the group a planning allowance of 5 000 euros and for it's implementation is sought out the Leader-Fund. More information from the Environment Secretary Vesa Ojanperä.

A design of the routes to be marked below as an attachment.

Contact Information

Exercise Instructor
Tel. +358 40 359 6107

Pyhäjoki Health Center
Nurses Tel. +358 40 135 8464