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Guidance and counselling

The Welcome to Pyhäjoki! project also provides personal and group guidance

A) to adults and families in the following situations, for example:
- looking for a job, hobby or study place
- use of various social services (such as the employment office)

B) to associations and companies
- developing activities or services, internationalisation and marketing
- recruiting and employment questions
- trainings for personnel and volunteers
- project applications, etc.

Let us know how we could help you and book an appointment at tervetuloa [at] pyhajoki.fi!


Guidance and counselling available

Welcome to Pyhäjoki! project worker is available in Kuntatie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki (1st floor)

Wednesdays at 9.30-12AM


Other times, make an appointment:
Tanja Ryymin, tanja.ryymin [at] pyhajoki.fi,
+358 40 3596198

Company contact:
Katinka Käyhkö, katinka.kayhko [at] pyhajoki.fi
+358 40 3596016

Project´s Facebook page: @TervetuloaPyhajoelle  

Project on Twitter: @pyhajoelle

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