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Luotsi and Hobby Buddy Activities

Luotsi - a Local Guide

(“coach” or "local guide") is a local expert from Pyhäjoki who can guide the new residents of the municipality and help them settle down. The role of Luotsi can also be assumed by an association as part of its usual activity.

If necessary, a Luotsi may organise small-scale training sessions or field trips within their own area of expertise and encourage people to act for the benefit of a certain cause. A Luotsi may also support individuals who act in the role of a Buddy in their own area of expertise. For example the Association for Rural Culture and Education has used Luotsi activities successfully in helping people to get to know their new surroundings.

A Hobby Buddy

is a volunteer who is willing to give a moment of their time to a new resident of the municipality who is looking for leisure time activities.

A Hobby Buddy always takes on this role based on a certain interest. This means that a Hobby Buddy can be involved in berry picking, fishing, ice hockey, jogging, cross-country cycling, theatre, cinema, choir singing, handicrafts, baking, woodwork, canoeing, hunting, swimming, music, dance, club or hiking activities.

The purpose of Hobby Buddy activities is to help the residents of the municipality who are interested in the same things to find hobbies they can do together. For each new participant 1–3 meetings are arranged with a Hobby Buddy.

People of all ages are very welcome to participate in Hobby Buddy activities. Almost everyone is in the position to act as a Buddy in a certain type of activity, so if you are interested in becoming a Buddy, let the Municipality´s leisure offices know. If you need assistance of a hobby-buddy you can request directly from the hobby of your choice or from Municipality´s Info Desk.

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