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Advisory and Exercise Groups

We want to offer the possibility of diverse and comfortable exercise for all ages, for beginners as well as active exercisers.

Low Threshold Exercise Advice

The municipality's exercise advisor offers low threshold exercise advice or gym introductions and exercise tips. Leisure Activity Office has been a part of the Lisää Liikettä -project with the Raahe Region's Wellbeing Association. At the same time began the development work for Liikuntalähete-service, which continues to this day in the RAS area.

Liikuntalähete-Service continues as a lasting service

You can get to the Liikuntalähete-service's Lifestyle Advisory with the Health Center's Nursery Staff Referral. Additional information from the Health Center's staff.
Below is portrayed an example of the service route in Finnish.

Liikuntalähete-palvelupolun kaavio


Leisure Activity Office also organizes different exercise courses and possibilities to try different sports. We take suggestions on topics that interest residents with pleasure.


Associations and Companies offering Group Exercise

Find your own Exercise Groups from the Exercise Calendar, which we are developing currently

Raahe-opisto is a folk high school, which also operates in Pyhäjoki. Here you'll see Raahe-opisto Exercise Groups in Pyhäjoki!

Funky Hall SODAP ry dances with the young at 17-18:30 at the Multipurpose Sports Hall.

Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto Pyhäjoen yhdistys organizes a family exercise club on Mondays at 18-19 at the Multipurpose Sports Centre.

Pyhäjoen 4H-yhdistys Organizes elementary schoolers group exercise on Thursdays and Fridays at 16-17 at the Multipurpose Sports Centre.

Personaltrainer-Services in Pyhäjoki offer, for example, Tuula Sarpola and Tarja Raivio.

Leisure Activity Office offers free exercises with gymsticks on tuesday at 8:30-10:00 at the Multipurpose Sports Centre. The exercises are done by the exercisers own initiative. The doors have been programmed to be open from 8:30 and exercise instructions can be found from the equipment storage.

Contact Information

Leisure Activity Office
Pyhäjoen kunnantalo (town hall), Kuntatie 1

vapaa-aikatoimi [at] pyhajoki.fi (Leisure Activity Director)
Tel. +358 40 359 6104

vilja.louhimaa [at] pyhajoki.fi (Exercise Instructor)
Tel. +358 40 359 6107