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Annala before

The 1963 Home Stead Museum Project that started from the Officer Exhibition's museum department's items in Pyhäjoki in 1957, after which Annala Home Stead Museum was opened to the public. After years have rolled by, Annala has grown to be one of the largest Home Stead Museum Areas in Northern Finland.

Annala's birth stages go back between the 1500s to 1600s. For example, Officer's Scribe Erik Zimmermann and Cantor Tuomas Cannelin have hosted Annala. From Annala's family, the farm's ownership transferred to the municipality in the 1930s. Back then, the Town Office and other administrative agencies like public services were moved into Annala during the war years. The Municipality Middle School started in Annala at the beginning of 1960s.

Home Stead Advisor Kalle Tirilä was responsible for Annala's item collection and transferral of the buildings at the starting decades. His meritorious work was continued by Annikki Halunen. Between 2002-2004, Into the area was built by the order of FM Inga Petäjäsoja self articulated exhibitions.

During 2005-2006 northern Ostrobothnia's museum invested into Annala's buildings. In addition to the investment, the building's condition and culture-historical value were evaluated. As a result of the investment, Annala has been classified as a nationally significant destination.

Annala's stages from the beginning of 1900s to 1930s can be seen from the pictures donated by Hannele Viiltola who was a part of the Annala family.

Annala's life can be seen from Kerttu Ojanlatvan Kopsakangas pictures, from the years 1935-1947.

Annala house's stages 1935 -1947