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Indoor Ice Rink - Jäähalli

Pyhäjoki Indoor Ice Rink was finished in 2002, the estate owner and manager is Pyhäjoen Jäähalli Oy. The Ice Rink is open from August-September until April.

The indoor ice rink is located at Kielosaari Exercise Park at adress Ruukintie 42B.
Pyhäjoki offers free shifts for citizens. Shifts can be found for primary, upper comprehensive schoolers as well as families, with or without hockey sticks.

Free shifts

  • Monday at times 15:45-16:45 upper schoolers (sticks)
  • Wednesday at times 15:15-16:15 primary schoolers (sticks)
  • Saturday at times 11:00-12:00 family skating
  • Sunday  at times 11:30-12:30 public skating (no sticks)
  • Sunday   at times 12:30-13:30 primary schoolers (sticks)
  • Sunday   at times 13:30-14:30 upper schoolers (sticks)

Changes to schedule possible due to hockey games. Current information about the shifts can be found from the indoor ice rink's website (excel-chart).

Indoor Ice Rink home site

Ruukintie 42 B
Tel. +358 44 297 8866
toimisto [at] pyhajoenjaahalli.net
Indoor Ice Rink reservations

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