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Language support and studies

Language support

A person with language skills can register to Welcome to Pyhäjoki! Project as a language support volunteer. A person acting as a language support knows Finnish and one or more other languages. The language support volunteer can be asked to help for example in events or when getting to know a new hobby. This is to assure that the important things are fully understood by both parties. The volunteer gets to exercise his or her language skills and joy from helping others. It is also a great way to get to know new people.

If you are interested in acting as a language support volunteer or need a support to help you out, please do contact us - or use our registration form to register yourself as a Language Support Volunteer!

Language studies

People from outside Finland move to Pyhäjoki, too. Many of them speak several languages, which some Pyhäjoki residents might be willing to learn. On the other hand, people in Pyhäjoki are also well versed in languages, and immigrants in Finland want to learn the Finnish language. In addition to official language courses, there is a need for opportunities to use languages in other situations as well. There is also special vocabulary that cannot be found from any formal language courses.

This is why the Welcome to Pyhäjoki! project develops and launches Tandem language learning opportunities. In Tandem learning, two language learners learn one or more languages from each other. This type of learning is free and can be started any time, as long as you can arrange a common schedule.

The project provides some workshop-like starting information for new Tandem students and helps language learners to agree on common goals and rules. If necessary, premises for Tandem learning meetings may also be arranged through the project.

Furthermore, the project will survey whether there is a need for more intensive language courses or language café activities and aims to organise language support for various events.

If you are interested in learning languages, do contact us - or use our registration form to register yourself as a Tandem language learner!

Welcome to activate your language skills!


PS. Languages can also be studied for free online.

Other languages vía Finnish for example with the YLE course materials: https://yle.fi/aihe/oppiminen/kielet

YLE´s new Kielikoulu language school application also helps learning Finnish!

Finnish courses (also) vía other languages: https://www.infofinland.fi/fi/elama-suomessa/suomen-ja-ruotsin-kieli/suomen-kielta-internetissa

Contact information

A shared email for both project workers: tervetuloa [at] pyhajoki.fi

Project Manager Katinka Käyhkö katinka.kayhko(a)pyhajoki.fi, 040 3596012

Project Coordinator Tanja Ryymin tanja.ryymin(a)pyhajoki.fi, 040 3596198

Visiting address: Kuntatie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki (1st floor)

Project´s Facebook page: @TervetuloaPyhajoelle  

Project on Twitter: @pyhajoelle

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