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Recreational Areas

In Pyhäjoki, you have a wide variety of possibilities to exercise out- and indoors. You can find the recreational areas from this site and maps from the bottom of this page. We hope you enjoy!

Recreational Destinations - Visit Pyhäjoki

Admire the beautiful plants in the arboretum, take in the rapids along Pyhäjoki and relax on the beach. Nature trails call to the forest and to the river bank. The bird-watching tower opens up the view to Parhalahti and offers countless bird species to watchers. Visit Pyhäjoki presents and guides these experiences to you.

You can use Pyhäjoki Recreational Sites Map on Google Maps. We have marked there swimming places, hiking and sports sites, places for camp fire, disc golf parks, and fishing harbours. Please, give us feedback and development suggestions via Leisure Activity Office-Form.

In Pyhäjoki, during the year 2020 is being carried out a wide Traveling Trail Project. The project covers over 200 kilometers of walking and cycling trails, as well as beaches, which will be marked and improved. Recreational Areas' buildings will be receiving renovations and new buildings and structures will be built, like wickets, campfire places, wooden sheds, dry lavatories and waste sheds. We will be announcing more information about the project on our website.

Outdoor Recreational Areas

Playground and Outdoor Gym at Kirkkopuisto, Vanhatie 27, children's playground and gym equipment to adults and youth.

Playgrounds at Kielosaari Exercise Park, Ruukintie 42 (next to the indoor ice rink) and at school yards in Yppäri, Pirttikoski and Parhalahti.

Pyhäjoki Firing Range at Kirkonkylä, Ouluntie 155.

Annala Track at Kirkonkylä, Annalantie 24, 700 meters long.

Beachvolley Field at Kielosaari Exercise Park, Ruukintie 42.

Disk Golf Park at Annalantie 24, 13 fairways and 1 warm-up basket. Park map is in the attachments at the end of the site.
Rautiperä Disk Golf Park at Rautiperä Outdoor Area, Hiihtomajantie 94, Etelänkylä.
Leisure Serveices has some disc-sets to borrow at Pyhäjoen K-market, Vanhatie 44. (Nearby road E8 and Annala Disk Golf Park).

Cycling, cycling maps as an attachment at the end of the site. Pyhäjoki Recreational Sites Map on Google Maps

Rautiperä Outdoor Area at Hiihtomajantie 94, Etelänkylä.

Pörkkä Ski and Fitness Trails at Yppäri, Pörkäntie 50.

Ski Trails at Rautiperä as well as in the proximity of the village schools of Parhalahti, Pirttikoski and Yppäri.

Ice Skating Areas at Parhalahti, Pirttikoski and Yppäri village schools.

Motocross Track at Yppäri Viirre, Kokkolantie 606, additionally used as a paintball arena.

Airgun Range at Ollinmäentie 39, Pyhäjoki's Shooters / Veikko Martinmäki Tel. +358 50 375 8796

Ball Fields at Kielosaari Exercise Park Athletics Track & Field, Ruukintie 37, Kirkonkylä in nearby the Saari School, Vanhatie 90, as well as at Parhalahti and Pirttikoski village schools.

Parhalahti Birdwatching Tower at Tankokari port, Puustellintie.

Orienteering Areas at Etelänkylä and Yppäri, maps will be provided soon.

Swimming Spots: Etelänkylä, Pyhäluoto beach, Pyhäluodontie 144.
Warning! There are no lifeguards or any form of surveillance at the swimming spots. Swim at your own discretion.

Merimaja Grassfield in Yppäri, Rannanmäentie 70, a good place for e.g. soccer or throwing centric sports and hobbies.

The municipality of Pyhäjoki regional map service

Pyhäjoki Recreational Sites Map on Google Maps

Indoor Recreational Spaces

Pyhäjoki Municipality Gym at Ollinmäki, address Kalliokaari 8, Hall 1 (scroll the gym's page to get driving instructions in English)

Jokikartano Gym, Pajahaantie 6, for the elderly

Pirttikoski School Exercise Hall, Pirttikoskentie 585, Tel. +358 40 359 6140

Pirttikoski Exercise Space (school's lower floor), gym equipment Pirttikoskentie 585,
Tel. +358 40 359 6140  

Yppäri's School Exercise Hall, Vanhamaantie 38, Tel. +358 40 359 6150

Pyhäjoki's Recreational Area's Reservation Calendar

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Contact Information

Additional information from the Leisure Services Office:

vapaa-aikatoimi [at] (Leisure Activity Instructor) Tel. +358 40 359 6104
Exercise Instructor Tel. +358 40 359 6107

Outdoor area's maintenance:
Technical Operations Tel. +358 40 359 6176